Girl Who Writes The Golden Notebook

sad girl in dark with candle

Have you ever seen the golden color ? It looks black when it is in the dark and glitters up when light falls on it. As if it will reflect all the secrets it absorbed while laying in the dark. But with its luster and shine it casts a magic spell on self making the vision blur. Thus being charmed by the glamour one can’t see the secrets unveiled. The colors ‘yellow’, ‘brow’n and’ white’ fail to form golden when mixed, until a shine is added to them. That is what makes golden color exquisite. Golden is my color and I write my darkest thoughts in this golden notebook.

You may be expecting some kind of introduction to who I am. I am tired of showcasing myself. I have been blogging for a few years now with my real name and I started noticing that people are judging my writings with my name. They don’t read what I write, they read me according to the image of me in their minds. And I started hesitating, pressing the publish button.I never wanted that. I needed a break. So, here you meet with the golden girl.

I am a normal girl like you with no particular name. ‘Love’ is the way I live, ‘Humanity’ is the way I survive and the whole world is mine. I am sensitive like a butterfly and strong like a rock. I carry emotions and feelings bubbling in my heart, flowing through my veins. I can smile in immense pain and I can cry in euphoria. I fight through life at tough times and sleep in it’s lap at easy ones. I laugh, I cry, I smile, I weep and at the end of the day, I need a Catharsis to let it all out. We all need it, the way we do it makes the difference.

In dark hollow nights, with a mug of coffee in my left hand and pen in the right, with a lamp shining at the corner of my writing table and with emotions,tears, smiles and fears mixing together on the surface of my mind, I write. I write and words become my companions. The best ones. And I never knew when, writing became my passion.

I love my readers and I always try not to let them down. Your criticism, your appreciation and your feedback is HIGHLY appreciated. Do share with me what you feel and what you think. Keep smiling always !




23 thoughts on “Girl Who Writes The Golden Notebook

  1. Hello! I see everyone’s curious to know your name πŸ˜›
    Khair, Miss GGN, Thank you so much for dropping by on our blog. Oh I totally understand you,”people judge you by your name” and not your work.
    Looking forward to read your work πŸ™‚
    Cheers πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Girl,
    I am completely moved by your Intro Golden Girl!!!………Yes people, will have fixed thoughts about us as per our yesterday’s doing(Judge as per name) and never want to look into know the every second change , grow happening in us,…which we would be bring in us ….it would be really a tough struggle but they just don’t want to come out of their fixed perspective and look in!!!!

    Keep writing how ever you want…you should not bother about such people(this is my opinion though)… Happy to meet you…will look forward for your upcoming post..

    Asmithaaa…Never have an end!!!

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